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2 . Privacy :

This site conforms to the following rules :

Online forms collect your data.

- No information is collected without the knowledge of the internet user and no information is stored in any kind of file.
- No sale of these informations may be made to third parties

According to the law n°1.165 of December 23rd, 1993 modified by the law n°1.353 of December 4th, 2008, no collected information concerning the website user is stored. The cookies allow only a better use of the site. The adresses, phone numbers and mail left by the web user in a reservation form or a contact form, are not stored and are only used for the two parties to get in touch together.

Email addresses or phone numbers online :

Such informations are posted to allow a faster access to the information. It can not be used for other purposes including business development. Failure to comply with these restrictions render the offender liable to prosecution.

Copyright :

This site and all its contents are the matter of the Monaco legislation on copyright and intellectual property. All rights are reserved, including sounds, texts, informations, images, pictures, trademarks, logos, video clips or musics.

This site and therefore its content is the property of SARL LE RELAIS DES AMIS - LA MONTGOLFIERE Henri GERACI or its partners. Except as expressly authorized the total or partial reproduction of this site on any media is strictly prohibited and constitutes an appropriate infringement of its particular aticle n°491 of November 24th, 1948 of the Intellectual Property Laws

3 – Conditions of use :

We remind you that we do not systematically control the comments and opinions posted on the site by users. We therefore ask that you read the disclaimer applied directly to any work on the site.

We inform you that the messages, comments, opinions and private datas are being published on the site under your sole responsibility, they can be read freely by the users and it is strictly forbidden to publish a message especially for the illegal following reasons :

- Contrary to public order
- Inciting discrimination, hatred of a person or group of people
- Offensive, racist, defamatory, xenophobic, homophobic against a person or a group of people
- Threat and attack the honor or reputation of a person or group of people
- Pornographic and / or pedophile
- Advocating or inciting to commit an offense, a misdemeanor, a crime or an act of terrorism
- Infringes the intellectual property rights, rights in the image and copyright (software, music, illustrations, photographs, text, animations, video)
- Infringe the privacy of third parties

We reserve the right to remove items, messages, information and data appearing as an illegal publication. We also reserve the right to exclude without notice or justification for the group of users authorized for publication. Where appropriate, we may have to inform the judicial authorities and to meet their requisitions.

You will also guarantee to us of any conviction that we could be for any direct or indirect that you may have committed through the use of this site without following these legal and related laws.