Henri's cuisine

henri geraciLunch or dinner at La Montgolfière is quite simply a fabulous experience that the Chef likes to share with other gourmets.

This restaurant — that he runs skilfully and munificently — is the obvious next step in a long career which has seen him work in the kitchens of some of the greatest restaurants on the French Riviera.

Cooking is his passion.

The professionalism of his gestures, the food pairing, the love of fresh ingredients and the unfailing quest to bring to life and develop Mediterranean gastronomy are at the very heart of Henri’s cuisine. Although his cooking style is uncomplicated, it is highly creative and flavoursome. Showcasing ingredients from local markets is a moral obligation for this experienced chef. His dishes evolve with the seasons and the ingredients are prepared daily in accordance with his wishes and the available produce.

The dining room

La Montgolfière is run by an enthusiastic husband and wife team; whilst Henri is cooking, Fabienne takes the customers’ orders and serves the food.

In addition to her knowledge about the ingredients used in her husband’s culinary creations, she really enjoys welcoming the clients and making them feel at home.


Fresh ingredients



True flavors can only be obtained with real fresh ingredients and hard work.


Welcome aboard


Henri & Fabienne GERACI


poisson"Creating a new card or a new dish hangs by a single factor: my desires."


dessert"Ideas stream every day. A flavor, a shape, a color, a fragance but that's only a starting point. Instinct and experience transform desires."


makis"Asia fascinates me, and Japan in particular ! I obtain subtle flavors by marrying certain ingredients of the Japanese cuisine to those of our Riviera"