Daily Blackboard

The blackboard lists fresh local produce. The dishes disappear and reappear according to the season.

La Montgolfière keeps certain typically Monegasque dishes on the menu as they are its raison d'être (Monegasque-style stockfish, octopus salad...).

Here are some dishes you can savour for lunch. This list evolves as the days go by.



Monte Carlo Oysters Beads

Scallops and lentil vinaigrette

Potato gnocchi with chanterelles

Monte Carlo Tomatoe Cundyun

Main courses

Tuna Tataki (*), wasabi mayonnaise

Tuna tartar (*), tofu and guacamole

Calamari a la plancha, local zucchini

Monaco-style stockfish

beef tartar Nice-style and panisses

Gindara no Saikyo Yaki "Black Cod"


Lavender Crème brûlée

Montgolfiere strawberries - version 2016

Matcha green tea Panna cotta and azuki marmalade


Khaki Delight and Sicilian pistachio mousseline

Chard pie


(*) We do not use Mediterranean bluefin tuna


Blackboard concept


The blackboard is regularly renewed, according to the seasons and the market's products, to ensure greater diversity.


All prices include taxes and service


Accepted Payments :

CB – Cash
Monaco checks only